About Us


About Us

We are the first cinema in Europe to feature Hollywood and self-produced films with the innovative 9D entertainment system.

Viewers have the opportunity to watch films with special 3D visual and sound effects, artificial rain, winds, fire effects, bubbles and artificial earthquake through vibrations. Our place on 25th March Street in Mandraki is the first cinema in the Dodecanese with 92 years of cultural history.

Architects, engineers, sculptors, historians and film technologists have created a unique space and an equally unique production that contributes to the upgrading of Rhodes' entertainment services. The 49 modern thrones are in the form of super car leather seats, are hydraulic mounted and computer-aided, providing a real-time experience of movements in space and time.

It is a great honor to be visited by schools and universities across Europe for business and historical studying. A feature of the Throne of Helios operation is also the collaboration with the municipality's tourism office and the hosting of the island's award-winning repeaters.

Grateful for our upward course and expecting even more success in the years to come, Throne of Helios is committed to continuing to provide this unique entertainment experience, teaching the history of Rhodes in the most impressive and entertaining way.


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