Covid-19 Updates - Throne of Helios
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All instructions regarding the operation of "Throne of Helios"

  1. a) Gallery
  2. The fullness of each room will not exceed the 65% of the seats. The biggest possible distance between the spectators will be abided and there will be extra room between the rows. Practically, there will be an empty seat that will not be intended for use or the current empty space that exists to separate.
  3. The visitor upon entering, will be given a disposable mask to wear while he is inside, and he will be taking it with him after leaving the gallery entirely. Also, upon entering the screening room, each visitor will be given a pair of disposable 3D glasses, whicη after the show must be returned back.
  4. In case of a group reservation, the maximum number is set at four (4) people with a vacant seat or space from the next reservation.
  5. In the rooms of "Throne of Helios" will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each screening. This also applies to sanitary facilities and the gallery. 80% ethanol solution will be used in the screening room. Particular emphasis will be given to surfaces that are frequently touched such as knobs, switches, handrails and so on.
  6. The seats and chairs will be disinfected before each use.
  7. In every room of "Throne of Helios" there will be available antiseptic alcoholic solution (80%) as well as in all the entrances and exits.
  8. The operation of the air conditioning units in the rooms of "Throne of Helios" has been modified as defined by the health protocol and for its use it is suggested there needs to be an inflow of fresh air.
  9. There will be a half an hour gap between the end of a screening and the beginning of the next, so that overcrowding in the common areas is avoided and in addition, to have enough time for the necessary disinfection between screenings.
  1. b) Screenings
  2. Viewers are required to wear a non-medical mask and use antiseptic alcoholic solution which will both be provided to them by the staff.
  3. Special care has been taken regarding the flow of the public upon entering and exiting the cinema.
  4. At the entrance and exit, people will follow the rules and respect the 1.5-meter distance between each other while they are in a queue. There will be a gradual entry and exit per row, with the mandatory coordination of the flow by the ushers.
  5. At the end of each screening, all protective disposable items, individual bottles, etc. will be given to the respective visitor who is obliged to keep them until his departure from "Throne of Helios ".
  6. Please follow the Staff’s instructions!
  7. c) Employee safety
  8. All employees who come into contact with the viewers (cash desk, ushers, cleaning, security, etc.) must wear a protective mask, a non-medical mask and gloves.
  9. All equipment used will be disinfected in the manner indicated by the manufacturer.
Opening hours: Every day except Sunday from 12.00 to 20.00.
The screenings will be one every hour, so that they will is a 30-minute intervention from the end of the screening and the beginning of the next.
The schedule may be modified depending on the demand.
We ask all our visitors to follow the safety rules, as the commonweal is paramount!